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Warranty policy and return procedures


Thank you for purchasing a WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Furniture.

WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE employs only first quality materials and craftsmanship in the construction of its furniture thus giving them their unique characteristics and the highest quality standards.

WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products, subject to the following conditions.


WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Warranties its wood frames for the life of the furniture as long as, original garnishing, for the life of the furniture.


WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. warranties the mechanism on these models B-12 and I-22 for a period of one year of the date of purchase


WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Guarantees that only the best hides coming from the best tanneries in Europe and North America are used for the covering of its furniture. (Except for special orders).

WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Offers a (1) year warranty on its leather coverings from the date of purchase .

WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Wishes to point out that leather is a natural product that may have subjective variations in colours or textures.

It is normal that scar marks such as: wrinkles, insects, wire, fences, brushings, etc., can be visible on the hides. These marks are normal features of leather and give it its uniqueness and fineness. These characteristics are not considered imperfections under the terms of this warranty.

As accumulated dust and dirt can act as an abrasives and could damage the leather, we recommend that a weekly cleaning should be done, using a natural sponge and water or that a vacuum cleaning be done using a very soft brush.

WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. does not recommend any cleaning products such as leather protectors or cleaners

Any application of such products not recommended by the tannery voids for all purposes the present warranty


WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Warranties covers: the fabrics used in the upholstering of its furniture for a period of one year against all tares or defects coming from the fabrics.

Only the fabric makers recommend cleaning products must be used for washing the fabric. Any application of such products not recommended by the fabrics makers voids for all purposes the present warranty.

We recommend that the upholstery cleaning be done by professionals to ensure the best result.


WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Warranties the cushions, in their original garnishing for a period of one year against all collapses caused by the loss of elasticity coming from defects in the garnishing or its making.

WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Advises its customers that a softening of the cushions is normal under normal use and must not be mistaken for a loss of elasticity of the internal used upholstering components.


This warranty:
  • Is offered only to the original purchaser of the furniture at its original address.
  • Does not apply if the furniture is used for commercial, industrial or rental uses.
  • Does not apply for damages caused during transportation. except when the delivery is made directly to the client’s address from WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE Inc.’s place of business;
  • Does not cover the damages caused by the use of the fabric maker none recommended washing methods or products or if it is not applied by a professional, from negligence, abusive use, acts of God or if the furniture is left for an extended period in direct sunlight, strong lighting, near a heat source or similar situation or if greasy or oily substances are applied to the furniture.
  • Does not apply to the furniture sold « as seen ».
  • WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Will not be liable for direct or indirect damages such as monetary losses, troubles and inconveniences etc. Arising from a warranted situation under the present guarantee and at no time shall WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Liability exceed the original purchase price by the manufacture of the furniture, excluding taxes.
  • Does not cover if the piece of furniture was, by the intervention of a supplementary guarantee, altered, modified without the assent of William.
  • Does not cover the orders for which the customer supplied himself his fabric andor his leather.


WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. In application on the present warranty shall try to use comparable materials to the ones used in the making of the furniture, if possible.

If identical fabric to the originals are no longer available, WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Reserves the right to use fabric of the same quality as the original and WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Shall at no time be liable for consequences arising from the unavailability of the fabrics and for the changes that may occur.


  • The customer must inform the retailer from which he bought the furniture of his claim under the present warranty no later than 30 days after noticing the defects and or damages or if the damages are apparent at the delivery no longer than 14 days from this delivery date and the retailer will direct the warranty claim to WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC.
  • If these delays are not respected, the customer shall loose all right to claim under the present warranty.
  • The customer’s original purchase bill must be directed to WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC., and will be returned to the customer once the claim is processed.
  • A WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Representative will promptly contact the customer and will determine the best subsequent procedure to process the claim.
  • If the furniture must be returned to WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC., all shipping cost will be at the customers expenses.
  • No other company or individual other than WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Are empowered to accept or refuse any claim unless such authority is given in writing by WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC.


No other warranty express or implied are given by WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. On it’s furniture.
All changes to the present warranty must be agreed in writing by WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. To be valid.

WILLIAM MILLÉNAIRE INC. Advised its customers to take information on the laws of their province or state which may apply to the present warranty.